Josh and Wanda have sold most of what they own to pay for bills, basic necessities, and to keep life as normal as possible for their amazing little girl while Wanda was receiving treatment.

Josh had taken allot of time off of work to be there for Wanda as her full time caregiver through daily doctors/radiation appointments, chemotherapy rounds and full time care.

Here are the happy and wonderful Charleses.  Cancer is just a bump in the road, and we can help them to make the ride smoother.
A little bit about "why?"

Last summer the Charles family received some sad news- that Wanda, Josh's beautiful wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 colorectal cancer.  She is a young and beautiful wife, mother and person.  Josh took allot of time from work to help take care of her full time, which is such a true showing of his beautiful character.  I have not had the pleasure of knowing Wanda, but if such a gentle soul as Josh chose her to be his soul mate, then I know in my heart she is a wonderful and caring person. Together they have a beautiful daughter named Gracie.  I'm sure this all has been difficult on the family.  

I had the pleasure of knowing Josh in high school, but over the years we had lost touch.  I noticed on Facebook how he was selling many things...household items, work truck,...etc.  Naturally, I had to ask-  "Josh, why are you selling all of your things?"  He then told me their story.  

I was so touched that I decided that anything I could donate by myself wouldn't be enough.  I do know and believe in the power of people working together and therefore decided to set up this website.  

I encourage you all to join me in this simple act of giving.  Send your prayers, your dollars and your kind inspiring words to these wonderful people, who just need a warm heart and a kind smile this New Year.

Happy New Year and thank you, 

Kate Loeb
Yakima, WA

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